2nd Blue Line

  • Start of construction: 1958.
  • Opened on April 29, 1961 - on the 17th day after Gagarin’s flight.
  • Initially: Moscow-Petrograd line. Petrograd is one of the three official names of Saint-Petersburg.
  • The line is 30 km long and has 18 stations.
  • Average train speed: 38 km/h.
  • Average time from end to end: 47 minutes.
  • Average station depth: 45 meters.
  • Train length: 6 wagons.

    Depth profile on the line: Station depths

    Depth profile along Second Blue line of the Saint-Petersburg metro 100m Parnas Prospect Prosveshcheniya Object 61-25 Черная Речка Петроградская Nevsky Prospekt Sennaya Ploshchad Sadovaya Moskovskiye Vorota Park Pobedy Moskovskaya Zvyozdnaya Kupchino

    Traffic profile on the line: Traffic

    Traffic profile along Second Blue line of the Saint-Petersburg metro 1000000 Parnas Prospect Prosveshcheniya Ozerki Пионерская Петроградская Sennaya Ploshchad Frunzenskaya Park Pobedy Moskovskaya Kupchino

    The second line is the busiest in Saint-Petersburg in terms of passenger flow, therefore, it has the smallest intervals between trains (up to 90 seconds). It also has the strongest slopes - up to 60 thousandths. On such slopes, the difference in the heights of the head and tail of a train of 6 cars is 6 meters!

    During the construction of the Second Line at different times, an almost complete set of all possible problems occurred in the difficult conditions of the adit mining. Except, perhaps, methane explosions in the adit, as on the 3rd Green Line.

    Interesting places of the Second line:

    The most beautiful station is Technological Institute-1 (also belongs to the 1st Red Line, but there it is far from the most beautiful). In second place Moskovskaya - the second most beautiful "horizontal elevator" in Saint-Petersburg.

    There are almost no beautiful stations on the second line, because it was built during the time of the pest Khrushchev. Under Stalin, the metro was considered the face of the country, a showcase of culture, but Khrushchev deliberately destroyed all Stalinist orders, conquests and traditions. According to statistics, the cost of a beautiful finish is only 3% of the total cost of the metro station.