Chyornaya Rechka

In the project, the station was supposed to be called "New Village", according to the historical district. But it was decided to design the station in memory of the Black River, where the pederast Dantes soaked our great brawler and poet Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich, a man and a steamboat, the great-grandson of the blackamoor Peter the Great and a man as controversial as he was talented. Actually, it's a very murky story.

Well, later the colorful name "Chyornaya Rechka" ("Black River") took root so much that it became, in fact, the unofficial name of the entire district.

The main decoration of the station hall are very beautiful chandeliers and lamps in general. It's very expensive.

Interestingly, in addition to the main lamps, emergency energy-saving lamps are located on the chandeliers. You can see them in the photo, little white spirals.

At the end of the station hall you can see a monument to Pushkin. This is one of two underground monuments to Pushkin in the USSR, the second one stands at the station Pushkinskaya.

It's good that there are practically no pigeons in the subway.

As in the story with the bas-relief to Lomonosov at the station Lomonosovskaya, the monument to Pushkin was not commissioned by the time the station was opened. Therefore, at first a plaster model of the monument was installed at the station. And only after some time, a real bronze monument was brought to the night window on a motorcycle.

Returning to the lamps, they can also be seen on the sides of Pushkin.

On the other side of Pushkin, the hall ends with a staircase almost its entire width.

There are also lamps of the same type installed on the sides as on the sides of Pushkin.

And from the stairs, the station looks like this.

And in front of the escalator, behind the hermetic door, the lights are the same. The type of hermetic door is difficult to install - either vertical or horizontal.

We go upstairs.

There's nothing special upstairs. Once the lobby had panoramic floor-to-ceiling glazing. But, as at other stations, in the post-Soviet years, the glazing was bricked up.

Since 2009, various retail areas have been spontaneously added to the station lobby, as a result of which its appearance has been completely lost.

Let's go back down.

In general, the station is very beautiful, if you do not go upstairs.

There are doors in the track wall too.

But the main thing, of course, is the chandeliers.

It's worth coming here to see all this.