One of the most beautiful metro stations in Saint-Petersburg. Many consider it the most beautiful station in general. And also tiled.

At one time, this station did not escape the poisonous yellow lighting.

But, fortunately, common sense eventually won out, and today the station can be observed in a normal white light.

Formally, the station was put into operation as part of the First stage of the metro - on November 15, 1955, therefore, the doors on the track walls are marked 1955. However, in fact, only the underground station hall was ready. The lobby and escalator passage were not completed on time due to rock fallout with the arrival of groundwater. Until the moment of the "normal" opening, trains passed through the station in transit.

The station, I repeat, is amazingly beautiful and harmonious. Initially, the design of the station was planned to be associated with the construction of the Tsarskoye Selo railway, the first in Russia. In the final project, the theme has changed — it is entirely dedicated to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, who studied at the lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo.

At the end of the central hall you can see a statue of Pushkin. Behind it is a panel depicting Pushkin's favorite corner of Tsarskoye Selo Park. Fortunately for Pushkin, there are no pigeons in the subway.

This is one of two underground monuments to Pushkin in Saint-Petersburg, the first underground memorial in the USSR. The second one is located at the station Chyornaya Rechka. By the way - here, at the same station, there is also a bas-relief with the image of Pushkin, at the top above the escalator. We'll get to it soon.

Separate admiration should be expressed for chandeliers and lamps in general. Everything is very thought out and executed with a bunch of small details.

During the construction of the transition to the station Zvenigorodskaya two chandeliers from the side hall were removed and moved to the transition - Pushkinskaya-Zvenigorodskaya, crossing. And I must say, before the construction of the crossing, Pushkinskaya was a very quiet station with a small flow of passengers.

Pushkinskaya is a twin station of the Oktyabrskaya station of the Moscow metro, authored by the same architect. The geometry and architecture of both stations almost completely coincide, only the details of the design differ. This is generally the only station of the First stage of the Leningrad metro, built according to the project of a Moscow architect, and even out of competition.

There are three escalators in the opposite end of the station from Pushkin.

The hermetic door in front of the escalators is traditionally of the vertical type, a "guillotine".

Upstairs, too, everything is beautiful and not easy. Pushkinskaya is the only metro station near the station that does not have direct access to the station building.

The facades of the building where the lobby is located are oriented atypically relative to the streets: the entrance with solemn columns is located from the courtyard, while the rear exit facade faces Zagorodny Prospekt.

There are also many beauties in the lobby here - lamps, ornaments, stucco ceiling. Lovely sight.

An interesting point. According to some reports, during the overhaul of the escalators, i.e. their replacement, it was necessary to slightly reduce their angle of inclination, because since the construction of the lobby building, there has been a noticeable shrinkage.

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And let's look at different details. The station is full of them.

A wonderful station. Just beautiful. They don't do that anymore.