The most modest station in the design of the First stage of the Leningrad metro.

In the dashing years immediately after the destruction of the USSR, lamps for economy burned here two through one. But everything is fine now.

This is the first station in Leningrad, built on the principle of saving money. According to some sources, she allegedly shouldn't have been here at all, so the stage from her to the station Ploshchad Vosstaniya the shortest in the city - according to one data 848 meters, according to others 720.

Therefore, in the image and likeness of Moscow, the central hall was made much shorter.

It was extended already during the construction of the transition to the station Dostoevskaya - Vladimirskaya-Dostoevskaya, crossing.

The main beauty of this station is, of course, the awesome lights.

Although in general, other elements of the design of the First stage are quite represented.

All doors are beautifully decorated, including the doors in the track walls.

But the most beautiful is in the lobby upstairs. You need to go there by a broken passage.

There is a very interesting texture of the ceiling.

Before the escalator, as usual, there is a hermetic door. It is difficult to determine the type - vertical or horizontal.

The lobby is located in a monumental building. The exit from the subway is on the side of the building, the entrance is from the corner end.

Since the exit faces a narrow street, and spontaneous street trade is located directly opposite all the time, it's a little cramped there.

Let's go back to the station.

The cash room is also beautiful.

There are also beautiful technological doors here.

Further, near the escalators, you can see very beautiful lamps.

And in general there are a lot of beautiful elements here.

Above the escalator is a mosaic panel "Abundance". And the ceiling here is also textured.

Let's go down. The ventilation grilles are beautiful.

The transition to the station Dostoevskaya hangs over the passenger platform.

The station has changed little over time.

In fact, only the navigation elements changed.

If you look along the platform, the lamps form a textured such line.

Only the white lines above the crossing and near the entrance of the platform to the tunnels are knocked out of the general lighting line.

In general, a very soulful station. It's good here.