Ploshchad Vosstaniya

Another gorgeous station of the First stage of the Leningrad metro. From the moment of opening until June 1, 1958, it was the terminus on the line. The first station in the city with two exits.

The gate to Moscow via the Sapsan high-speed trains, directly to the Komsomolskaya station of the Moscow metro.

As we already know, each station has its own architectural dominant. Here it's circles and arcs. Especially the amazing light arcs along the entire central hall of the station.

In general, the station is surprisingly positive and bright.

And always, even in the dead of night, very crowded.

The station's decoration is dedicated to the October armed Uprising of 1917.

On the pylons you can see bas-reliefs of revolutionary themes, a total of 4 unique images. And, by the way, this is the only place in the Saint-Petersburg metro where images of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin have survived on bas-reliefs.

Here you are. Bas-reliefs "Lenin in Flood" and "Lenin and Stalin in the captured Winter Palace".

And here are the bas-reliefs "Aurora Shot" and "Lenin's speech at the Finlandsky railway station." This is where he pointed with his armoured car to a bright future.

There used to be a bas-relief portrait of Lenin in the blind end of the central hall. But during the construction of the second exit - Ploshchad Vosstaniya, to Moskovsky railway Station - it was dismantled.

Almost all the shapes here are circles and arcs. Incredibly helps to fill up the horizon when shooting ;)

In the right photo above, behind the decorative grille, the Stalinist speaker, already familiar to us from some other stations, made for centuries and designed for a direct hit by a nuclear bomb, is clearly visible ;)

The chandeliers in the side halls are also decent. In the right photo below, you can see how the platform to the station Vladimirskaya is squeezed from the side-from above by the central transition to the station Mayakovskaya - Ploshchad Vosstaniya - Mayakovskaya, crossings. By the way, the shortest subway stretch in the city begins from here - according to some data, 848 meters, according to others 720.

The passage itself is from the center of the hall.

And at the top of the transition, even in the color sense, a completely different realm immediately opens up.

Semicircular arches stand out above the side platforms and the central halls. These are railway bridges over which trains run 3rd Green Line.

The station is included in the unified state register of cultural heritage sites of regional significance. And quite rightly, she is very beautiful.

There are a lot of authentic elements. Now they have forgotten how to do this.

Now to the escalators. The hermetic door is of the vertical type, "guillotine".

The ground-level lobby of the station is a symbol of the Peterburg metro.

The spire originally had a star in a laurel wreath, removed in the mid-1980s and early 1990s due to the danger of collapse. Then the letter "M" was put in its place, which was also then removed.

There are also circles and different classical shapes inside the lobby.

In general, it is also beautiful and rich up here.

Let's go back down.

It is said that during the construction of the station there was an incident with the penetration of groundwater. I don't know the details.

A couple more details.

It's a good station.