Ploshchad Vosstaniya - Mayakovskaya, crossings

  • Opened: November 3, 1967

Since the stations Ploshchad Vosstaniya and Mayakovskaya are oriented to each other like sticks of the letter T, there are as many as two transitions between them. And you can walk around them as much as you like. Which is what we're going to do now :)

Let's start at least from the bottom of the station Ploshchad Vosstaniya.

This transition always works in the "3 escalators up, one down" mode, so there is always a special traffic jam down here. If you turn around at the end of the station hall, you can see the end of the second crossing - we will soon find ourselves there (right photo).

We go upstairs. The station Mayakovskaya. On the left is a traffic jam of people on the descent. The staircase of the second passage is visible in the center of the hall.

This crossing is wide enough and therefore two-sided, plus at the far end it has a continuation - Ploshchad Vosstaniya, to Moskovsky railway Station. We go down the stairs.

Here, on the end wall, we are immediately greeted by the name of the station in huge letters. Although those who go down do not see him at close range.

Two portals to the passage open in the other direction. Between them is a powerful load-bearing pylon that holds the railway track of the station.

We get into the transition itself. And here we must immediately make a historical digression.

A long time ago, when mice were still bees, this passage was beautifully and very brightly lit.

Yes, the lighting didn't look very neat. But it perfectly solved its main task - it gave people a normal bright light.

But then some, uh, bright head in the management of the metro decided that it was impossible. People have to walk in the dark! And the lighting has been redone.

I can't tell you why. Just to make it happen. And now it's always dark in this corridor.

The contrast of illumination is especially noticeable when you enter from normally lit areas.

Here is a visual comparison. On the left is the photo as it was. On the right is a photo of how it became.

Well, on the other hand, they could have turned off the light altogether to save money. Okay. At least that's how it works.

At the end of the corridor we come to a fork in the road. Straight - There is no such page!, on the left - the end of the station Ploshchad Vosstaniya.

From here, from the elevation, you can clearly see the local pandemonium at the escalators leading up to the station Mayakovskaya.

It's time to go to the second round. We are moving towards the escalators. And turning around, we can again see the steps from which we have just descended ;)

Repeat until full nirvana is achieved ;)