3rd Green Line

  • Opened November 3, 1967.
  • Initially: Nevsky-Vasileostrovskaya line.
  • The length of the line is 28.8 km, it has 12 stations.
  • Average train speed: 43 km/h.
  • Average time from end to end: 40 minutes.
  • Average station depth: 56 meters.
  • Train length: 6 wagons.

In 1967-1979, the Third Line consisted entirely of "horizontal elevators". Today, there are eight stations of this type on the Third Line, and six in a row.

On the Third Line, as many as seven ghost stations, never built. In the general list of lines they would look like this: ..., Приморскаяru, Harbor, Василеостровскаяru, Universitetskaya, Admiralteyskaya, Гостиный дворru, Anichkov bridge, Маяковскаяru, Площадь Александра Невского-1ru, Smolyanaya, Crystal, Yelizarovskaya, Ломоносовскаяru, Schemilovka (unfinished), Пролетарскаяru, ...

The Third Line contains both the westernmost and easternmost points of Saint-Petersburg metro.

Interesting places of the Third line:

The most beautiful station on this line is Маяковскаяru. This is generally the most beautiful "horizontal elevator" of Saint-Petersburg. In second place is Пролетарскаяru.