Zavod Bolshevik (unfinished)

The story of the unfinished station "Shchemilovka", aka "Zavod Bolshevik" (Bolshevik Plant) at the intersection of Babushkina and Chernova streets, is interesting.

According to the original plan of the metro, the station Proletarskaya should not have been at all. It was planned to run the line after the station Lomonosovskaya through the Plant Bolshevik station immediately to the final ground station Obukhovo, behind which the depot was to be located.

The dead ends behind the station Lomonosovskaya were extended by 600 meters and began to be brought to the surface with a slope of about 40 thousandths. The output of the line to the surface is indicated by the fact that first there are reinforced concrete tubes, and then cast-iron ones, as it should be when sinking near-surface aquifers.

By the way, there is information that these unfinished tunnels for a long time, before the construction TCh-5 Nevskoye were used for the night stand of trains. However, there are doubts about the possibility of settling de-energized trains on slopes of 40 thousandths.

There are two versions of what happened next.

  • According to one version, there was an explosion of methane in the face during construction. Despite the fact that they knew about methane in the formations in advance and there was a system for its removal, an explosion could well occur.
  • According to another version, the then head of Leningrad insisted on moving the station closer to the Neva River to provide workers of a large military plant with convenient transport.

Most likely, both versions are correct. Simply because the station Proletarskaya was not built near the surface, like the Bolshevik Plant, but on the contrary, at a very great depth. Although at that time there was enough space near the surface.

Map borrowed from colleagues, because I haven't found a better one anywhere.

Also at the same time, a new plan for the development of Leningrad was born, a new residential area of Rybatskoye was planned. Therefore, the station Rybatskoye appeared on the plan.

In June 1979, the unfinished tunnels to the unfinished station were blocked and abandoned for a long time. Only technical failures now lead from the existing tunnels to the unfinished ones. Some time ago, stalactites still hung from the vaults (due to lack of ventilation), the walls were covered with mold. However, recently they put things in order there, the stalactites were removed. But the line, obviously, will never be extended in that direction due to dense urban development on the surface.

Famous digger site wrote about it like this:

It feels like no one has been there for decades. There is a huge layer of mold everywhere, and stalactites of such size that hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel reach to the head. The fact that the tunnel goes up can be seen without even looking closely. A little further forward, it becomes clear - concrete tubing is replaced by cast iron. The same is done at the entrance to the station Devyatkino, and near the station Rybatskoye.

Let's take some more photos from there:

Also, photos of abandoned tunnels with stalactites can be viewed at metro.vpeterburge and a little more detail.