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  • Opened: December 29, 1978
  • Station depth: 0m
  • Project title: Kalininskaya
  • Popular names: Shesterkino ("the place where the sixes live"), Derevnya (village)
  • Type of station: ground covered
  • Entrance to the station: cross-platform transfer to railway trains, underground passage
  • Traffic: total about 2142 thousand people per month

The terminal station is on the line. It was originally supposed to be called Kalininskaya, but in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Komsomol, the station was given the name Komsomolskaya.

After the destruction of the Soviet Union, idiots in power launched a mass hysteria to get rid of the "legacy of the USSR", and for some reason the station was renamed "Devyatkino" - after the name of the railway station from which it provides a cross-platform transfer.

This is the second station in the USSR and the first in Leningrad (and now the only one in Saint-Petersburg) with a cross-platform transfer to suburban trains: the Devyatkino station of the Priozersky Course of the Finnish direction of the Oktyabrskaya Railway.

In the same cross-platform ideology and according to the same project, the stations Kupchino and There is no such page! were conceived, but something went wrong there, and cross-platformism did not work out.

It is also the first station in the USSR/Russia, built by one subject of the Federation on the territory of another subject of the Federation. The first metro station in Leningrad, located outside the city, in the village of Murino. This is the only metro station in the USSR and Russia, originally built on the territory of the village. Now this village has become an independent city - such a creepy Harlem on both sides of the subway, a fierce human anthill full of penguin people.

The only metro station in the city located outside its administrative boundaries.

For 28 years, from 1978 to 2006, it was the northernmost metro station of the USSR and Russia. Now the championship belongs to the station Parnas.

Also, before the construction of the Helsinki metro, it was the northernmost metro station in Gayrope.

One of the three metro stations of Saint-Petersburg, together with There is no such page! and Shushary, located outside the Saint-Petersburg Ring Road.

The video of the arrival of the train clearly shows that the last door of the last car does not open, because it is located outside the platform.

Since the platforms at this station are lateral, cross-platform crossings over the tracks were originally provided and built. Now they are closed and used only for official purposes (doors in both photos).

The turnover of trains takes place in the tunnel leading to the metrodepo TCh-4 Severnoye, which is clearly visible from the passenger platforms. At the same time, the drivers move from the head of the arrival train to the head of the departure train along the service inter-track bridge.

There is no decorative design at the station.

Initially, it was a very bright station with panoramic glazing from the basement to the ceiling and large stained glass windows. In 2009, the glazing was bricked up. The windows were left only along the roof, the hall became darker.

At the time of opening, the station had fluorescent lighting, which was subsequently replaced with mercury, and in September 2015 with LEDs.

The railway gate to the metro depot