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  • Opened: December 22, 2006
  • Station depth: 0m
  • Project title: Parnasskaya
  • Type of station: shore platforms, two tracks with exit to the depot and cross exit from the depot
  • Entrance to the station: entrance/exit directly to the street
  • Traffic: total about 889 thousand people per month

The northernmost metro station of Saint-Petersburg, took this honorary title from the station Devyatkino. The station was supposed to be included in the launch queue along with the stations Ozerki and Prospect Prosveshcheniya, but in the end it was built much later.

The interesting name (in honor of the nearest large industrial zone) comes from the historical name of Mount Parnassus in Shuvalov Park a couple of kilometers to the west. The meager design of the station is dedicated to ancient Greek mythology, but it is located in such a way that it is usually not visible.

The exception is a round stained glass window over the bridge of the main entrance with the image of Niki, the goddess of victory. But it has no backlight, and is clearly visible only during the day in sunny weather. Usually, in the Saint-Petersburg darkness and grayness, he is seen like this (photo on the right).

In addition to the stained glass windows, there are also small elements in the ancient Greek style at the station. That is all. Later, the station Shushary was built according to the same project.

Between the tracks of the station, in the middle between the passenger platforms, there is a narrow service platform for train drivers to cross from the head of the arriving train to the head of the train leaving when they turn.

As at other terminal ground stations, the turnover of trains here is clearly visible from both platforms.

Interestingly, the very need to build a metro station here was justified by the need to protect the portals of the subway tunnels at the exit of the metro depot from atmospheric precipitation. Immediately after the construction, there was an open field around the station, separated from the city by a freight railway, and only a large industrial zone in the distance. However, then active housing construction began around the metro station, and now there is a huge, high-rise, densely packed with people and cars Harlem.

In general, there is nothing to do here. Unless you take a ride on a train through tunnels with very large slopes to the next station Prospect Prosveshcheniya.