The station is named after the historical name of the district ("ozerki" - small lakes). The Suzdal Lakes are located nearby.

This is definitely one of the most beautiful single-storey buildings in Saint-Petersburg with a very concise design.

On the floor of the station you can see four mosaics depicting trees - oak, aspen, rowan and bird cherry. A photo of one of these mosaics is on the left. Apparently, this is a rowan.

At the end of the station there is a mosaic "Small Lake", where in addition to trees you can see different birds (photo on the right).

But the most elegant element of the station are lamps in the form of long glowing molecules. The lights are awesome.

Interestingly, each lampshade is taken into a shatterproof mesh. Taking into account the height of the vault, this is a very correct security measure.

The only exception is the side lights at the exits from the tunnels. Although they are also round.

At the other end of the station there is a traditional hermetic door, vertical type, "guillotine", and three escalators.

On the surface - nothing special. An ordinary rectangular pavilion.

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Nice station. Beautiful and kind.