Object 61-25

Officially, at the station Udelnaya there is a maintenance point, the only one on the second line (roughly speaking, the third tunnel for settling and turnover of trains).

In fact, from the station Udelnaya indeed, there is a third tunnel to the underground facility 61-25 of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the entrance to which from the surface is located in the building at 5 Listvennaya Street, next to the 321bis mine.

Interestingly, before the war, an access railway line was stretched to exactly the same place (map on the right). A coincidence?

When carefully studying satellite photos, attention is drawn not only to the metro platforms on the surface and a huge hospital located very close by, but also to a stadium with a park (I translate into Russian - there are no high loads and restrictions on underground construction in this zone), as well as the nearest high-rise buildings bordering the territory. And - there are a lot of entrances underground, as well as various inconspicuous brick and concrete houses and booths. He who has eyes, let him see.

The object 61-25 GOChS of the metro is designed to provide backup electricity and air supply to the metro in case of emergencies in peacetime and when the metro is operating in the mode of shelter of the population in wartime.

Construction was carried out from 1986 to 1995. Currently, the facility is preserved in an unfinished state.

Full object diagram and the photo below are taken from the forum SubwayTalks.ru. I highly recommend it, there is a detailed photo story with reference to the scheme.

We will show here only a few photos from this story.

Hermetic door at mark MK226, on the left from the outside of the object, on the right from its inside.

Approach tunnel from the station Udelnaya to the object and the connection to the approach tunnel (PK234+35).

Tunnel along the object, interesting signs.

Everything looks very colorful.

Tunnel to mine 321-A. An electric locomotive in the eternal parking lot.

Mine 321-A is located much to the side, here are photos from Wikimapia and Yandex: