Object 61-25

  • Object on Wikimapia and more.
  • Built: 1982, according to other sources 1987-1995.
  • Status: armed guard.
  • Depth: 68 meters.

Officially, at the station Удельнаяru there is a maintenance point, the only one on the second line (roughly speaking, the third tunnel for the storage and turnover of trains).

In fact, from the station Удельнаяru there is a third tunnel to the underground city - object 61-25 of the EMERCOM of Russia, the entrance to which from the surface is located in the building at 5 Listnaya Street, near mine 321bis.

A thoughtful study of satellite photos attracts attention not only to the metro sites on the surface and a huge hospital located very close by, but also to the stadium with a park (i.e. there are no high loads and restrictions on underground construction in this zone), as well as the nearest high-rise buildings bordering the territory of the "underground city". Well, there are a lot of underground entrances, as well as various inconspicuous brick and concrete houses and booths.

Here it is, this object and its scheme (open the picture in a new window for a full view). The shooting was made 20 years ago. The photo is honestly taken from seenandheard.narod.ru and other web sites.

Since the working barrel indicated in the diagram is far to the side, here are its photos from Wikimapia and Yandex:

Since the source site is no longer working, let me briefly quote part of the story and photos:

...there is a central hall, about the length of two metro stations, with many tunnels and crossings.

One of them has metro rails, and it ends with a pressurized door, a huge pressurized door, behind which the actual working metro, where trains rush.

Another room has been made next to it, in our opinion - a future toilet.

In the same tunnel there are crossings with a central hall and rooms in which there are wells to provide clean water. There are three of them, and they are closed with small pressurized doors. In the central hall, you can see some houses, and the further you go, the higher the buildings. At the end they are almost up to the ceiling. The approximate size of all this can be judged by the very first photo in the story, and this is only half - then there are tall buildings.

Passing there, we joked - you walk like a basement, only it is at a depth.