The station is named after the Vyborg railway station of the same name. Which, in turn, is named after its location in the Udelnaya historical district. According to various sources, it was opened on November 4 or 6, 1982.

As with many other single-source, there is a certain problem with the texture for shooting. Simply put, there is not much to shoot :)

For the first time in the practice of metro construction in the USSR, all elements of the station were placed under a single vault 250 meters long - from the tension chamber of the escalator to the exit chamber. The design of the station also includes a transverse chamber at the end of the station for the possible construction of a second exit or transfer to one of the future lines.

The end of the station hall is decorated with a bas-relief of the leader of the peoples and the inscription: "At the beginning of August 1917, V. I. Lenin, hiding from the persecution of the Provisional bourgeois government, illegally left the Udelnaya railway station on steam locomotive No. 293 to Finland. At the beginning of October 1917, he returned to Petrograd to lead the preparation of an armed uprising."

In 2000, the station's lighting was changed from mercury lamps to poisonous yellow sodium lamps.

In 2016, in turn, LED lighting was installed. But it didn't help the case, it's still very dark at the station. According to the original project, it was supposed, in addition to the lamps on the arch of the station, to install additional floor lamps in the benches. However, the station was built without them.

For six years, until the opening of a further extension of the line, the station was the terminus. On the platform to the station Pionerskaya in the area of the first car, you can see two round dots on the floor. These are the places for installing fencing left over from those days.

At the station there is a linear point of machinists 2nd Blue Line. In the direction of the station Ozerki there is a revolving dead end, today it is the only maintenance point on 2nd Blue Line. The maintenance point is equipped with an inspection ditch and accommodates two 6-car trains. Further in the tunnel there is a barrier, and behind it, behind the turn of the tunnel, there is a hermetic seal 226-A. It is followed by Object 61-25.

Escalators in the amount of 4 pieces are located at the southern end of the station. There is also a traditional vertical hermetic door.

The ground lobby of the station is a rectangular box with almost no windows and decoration. The only interesting detail — a huge snake—shaped chandelier in the lobby - was lost when the lighting was replaced with LED in 2016.

The entrance to the underpass was provided in the station lobby, which was supposed to lead to the renovated Udelnaya railway station. The place where small escalators were provided is now occupied by ticket offices. A temporary wall is installed at the end of the groundwork under the underpass. Since the demolition of the historic station building was canceled, the underpass was also not built. In addition to the exits to the station, it was also planned to make an exit from the underpass to the station square.

Let's go back underground.

In general, a rather gloomy station. Apart from Lenin and the service tunnel to the object Object 61-25, there is nothing interesting here.