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  • Opened: November 6, 1982
  • Station depth: 66m
  • Project title: Bogatyrsky Prospekt
  • Popular names: Pion (Peony), Pionerka (Pioneer), Pioner (Pioneer), Pinya
  • Type of station: single-arched
  • Entrance to the station: ground lobby
  • Traffic: total about 1834 thousand people per month

The station was opened in the year of the 60th anniversary of the All-Union Pioneer Organization and therefore named in her honor.

The name is not tied to the area in any way: the Pionerskaya metro station, Pionerskaya Street, Pionerskaya Square and Pionerskiy Park are all located in completely different areas of the city.

The underground part of the station is devoid of any decorations and is an ordinary typical Leningrad "station with a single arch". One can only mention here the end of the hall, which resembles the rising sun.

The lighting of the underground hall is behind the curtain, placed on massive pylons that stretch along the entire station above the railway tracks.

Doors in the track walls are also represented. Shortly before 2010, the station underwent cosmetic repairs, as a result of which the name of the station, made in large metal letters, disappeared from the track walls.

Before the opening of the station Komendantsky Prospekt in 2005, there was a creepy kingdom of penguin people here, because the entire northwest of the city "hung" on this one station.

And when the accident occurred on 1st Red Line - the famous Размывru - the station became the busiest in the entire Saint-Petersburg metro. At that time, from 1995 to 2004, in the mornings the station was open only to the entrance, and in the evenings all three escalators worked to the exit, the entrance to the station was closed.

Due to the construction of a high-rise apartment building directly above the station, ground movements periodically occur, which causes the station's waterproofing to be disrupted. The Metro planned to close the station for major repairs and open a second exit, but these plans were not destined to come true. A brief repair with the replacement of floors on the surface was carried out only in the summer of 2023.

Let's go upstairs. There's nothing to catch down here. Interestingly, the escalators are located above the station level, they need to be reached by an ordinary staircase. It is difficult to install the type of hermetic door in front of the escalator - it can be either vertical, guillotine, or horizontal, wardrobe.

The pavilion upstairs is also not particularly interesting. There are no decorations in it.

The only attraction here is the sculpture group "running children", popularly called "horse". She appeared in front of the lobby in 1988. Three children with a foal and a pigeon are rolling a hoop. In the 1990s, the hoop was stolen and returned only in April 2017.

I don't know where they're going, but the band is good.

The group is standing on the exit side, which is logical. The entrance is on the other side of the lobby.

The original appearance of the lobby was spoiled by the addition of trade pavilions in the early 2010s. But in principle, one can imagine what was meant.

Let's go back down, there's nothing to do here.

From the general, it is only worth adding that the tunnels to the neighboring station Chyornaya Rechka have maximum slopes of 60 thousandths here, passing a tunnel under the same underground river that caused the accident Размывru to 1st Red Line.

As it is, there is nothing to do here.