1st Red Line

  • The oldest line of Saint-Petersburg.
  • Start of construction: April 1941.
  • Resumption of construction: September 3, 1947.
  • Opened November 15, 1955.
  • Initially: Kirov-Vyborg line.
  • The line is 29.7 km long and has 19 stations.
  • The average speed of trains is 38 km/h.
  • The average time from end to end is 47 minutes.
  • The average depth of the stations is 50 meters.
  • The length of trains is 8 cars.

On the whole line, landing through the last door of the last carriage is not performed, because when the train stops, it is located outside the platform.

At stations with access to the right side - Technological Institute-2 and Девяткиноru - landing is not performed at the first door of the first carriage.

Possible development:

  • West of the station Prospect Veteranov - Александрино (проект)ru and Проспект Маршала Жукова (проект)ru.
  • North of the station Политехническаяru - Сосновка (проект)ru and Проспект Культуры (проект)ru.
  • Continuation of the line to Pulkovo Airport - the project is replaced by a railway express train.

As befits the most deserved lines, there are a lot of interesting things on the First line:

IMHO, the most beautiful station on this line - Площадь Восстанияru. She is the second busiest in the Saint-Petersburg metro. Interestingly, in the Moscow metro the busiest station is its partner, Komsomolskaya. Partner, because all the traffic on trains between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg passes through both of these stations, at the Moscow and Leningrad railway stations, respectively.