Dachnoye (closed)

The station was built as temporary for the period of planned development of the southwestern part of Leningrad, before the opening of the stations Leninsky Prospect and Prospect Veteranov.

The name "Dachnoye" - suburban, villatic - is historical. From the beginning of the 18th century until the flight of Gagarin there was an extensive summer cottage area.

The only open station on the surface of the earth in the metro of Leningrad. According to the experience of its operation, to protect against atmospheric precipitation and environmental influences, all such stations were further built closed.

For economy, it was designed for short 5-car trains (such worked then on the 1st line). When at the beginning of the 70s 6-wagon trains began to be put into operation, the landing and disembarkation of the last carriage in them was carried out only through two doors.

The lobby of the station overlooked Tramvayny avenue ("Tram avenue") and was very bright, with a transparent glass wall-display case.

Station tracks, two dead-ends with a cross exit, were layering directly from the main tracks of the Avtovo metro depot (at the exit from the underground entry portal). Trains used both ways, arriving in and out of them one by one (just like today at the Alexandrovsky Sad station in Moscow).

After closing, the lobby and most of the station were demolished, and today in its place passes Novatorov Boulevard (from Tram Avenue to Avtomobilnaya Street). However, a piece of the former platform of the station is still preserved to this day. Now it houses the traffic police unit that registers cars.

The station was permanently closed at 13:00 Moscow time on October 5, 1977.