Leninsky Prospect

The starting point of the famous route "a trip in the city of Lenin on the metro named after Lenin, the Order of Lenin, from the metro station Leninsky Prospekt to the station Ploshchad Lenina".

It was built, like the neighboring station Prospect Veteranov, by an open pit. Today these are the only two such stations in Petersburg, two shallow centipedes of the "Moscow" type.

Due to the shallow location, the station has no ground pavilion or escalators. The entrance to the station is made directly from the underground passages. Hermetic doors here are of the "compartment door" type, roll-out.

Moreover, if on the north side the exits from the station have a roof from the rain, then on the south side they have no roof.

The station design partially overlaps with Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow. The columns expanding upward in the platform hall are faced with red Karelian granite.

The track walls are decorated with unpolished white marble. The font of the inscriptions on the track walls is also an allusion to the Lenin Mausoleum. Since the station received the name of Lenin just 5 months before the opening, there was no question of any more complex architectural decoration.

Since Leninsky Prospect was originally called “Heroes Avenue”, we conclude: Lenin is not a hero.

If you walk along Novatorov Boulevard from Leninsky to Veterans in winter, along the footpaths in the middle, you can clearly see the freezing of snow in even strips above the tunnel.

The station has no track development.

Let's pay attention to the station lighting.

Here, just like at any other station, there are cute little things.

It is also full of human-penguins. But still less than at the station Prospect Veteranov.

Funnily enough, the station outputs are sharply asymmetrical in terms of traffic. On the northern side, where all public transport passes to the famous sleeping ghetto of the South-West of Saint-Petersburg, traffic is almost twice as high as on the southern, non-transit one.