Prospect Veteranov

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  • Opened: October 5, 1977
  • Station depth: 9m
  • Project title: Street of the Third International
  • Popular names: Veterinarians Avenue, Breezes
  • Type of station: three-span column, "centipede"
  • Entrance to the station: from underground pedestrian crossings
  • Traffic: total about 2478 thousand people per month

The terminal southern station of the 1st Red Line of Saint-Petersburg.

It was built, like the neighboring station Leninsky Prospect, by an open pit. Today these are the only two such stations in Petersburg, two shallow centipedes of the "Moscow" type.

If you walk along Novatorov Boulevard in winter from Leninsky Prospect to Veteranov Avenue, in the middle along the footpaths, you can clearly see the freezing of snow in even stripes above the tunnel.

Due to the shallow ground, the station has neither a ground pavilion nor escalators.

It's also cool that, despite the name, none of the station exits has anything to do with Veterans Avenue. The exit from the first carriage is on Novatorov Boulevard, from the last one - at the intersection of Novatorov Boulevard and Dachny Avenue. It is necessary to trample up to Veterans Avenue.

The design style is memorial. The columns are finished with black labradorite, the floor is gray granite with black inserts and brass stripes. The ribs of the columns are highlighted with metal profiles.

The track walls of the station are faced with golden gazgan marble.

Above the entrances to the station, you can see high reliefs made of chased metal on the theme of the history of the USSR, starting with the shot of the revolutionary cruiser Aurora.

Behind the station there are four dead ends used for the turnover of trains and overnight sludge (two reverse and two slop dead ends). This is a record number of dead ends at one station for the Petersburg metro.

Dead ends are the groundwork for a possible extension of the line. It was originally planned to build a line further towards the Ligovo railway station. However, for a number of reasons, incl. risk of increasing the already dense clogging of trains from the terminal station, these plans have not yet been implemented.

The option of extending the line to Pulkovo airport, which is located very close, is also being considered.

Both versions of the line development plan require first to remove the record heavy load from the station. For this, the construction of the 6th Brown Line is underway, but it will not be completed soon.

Here, it is here that the most eerie nesting place of people-penguins in St. Petersburg is located. The entire city along Veteranov Avenue, from Dachnoye to Sergievo, hangs at this one metro station together with the southwestern suburbs of Saint-Petersburg.

As befits the terminal station, there is an explosion chamber on the platform, designed for the safe storage of explosive devices found on trains and capable of withstanding an explosion of three kilograms of TNT. The camera, of course, on wheels ;)

Let's also pay attention to telecommunication technologies - old black and white CRT TVs in a newfangled anti-glare casing :)