Grazhdansky Prospekt

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  • Opened: December 29, 1978
  • Station depth: 60m
  • Project title: Grazhdanskaya, Kalininskaya, Svetlanovsky Prospekt
  • Popular names: Grazhdanka ("A [female] citizen")
  • Type of station: three-vaulted column
  • Entrance to the station: a separate lobby with a ground-based anti-nuclear protection complex
  • Traffic: total about 1363 thousand people per month

The name of the station is associated with its location on the city highway of the same name. Although this is somewhat illogical - the entire northern part 1st Red Line passes under the Civil Avenue, the avenue itself is more than 6 kilometers long, and the neighboring station Akademicheskaya stands on it.

There is a powerful bronze three-meter dominant at this station. Classic classics :) For the sake of this alone, you can spend time and come to take a selfie in the background.

The image of the coat of arms of the USSR is designed to emphasize the connection between the design of the station and its name.

Racks designed for five ceiling lights are attached to each column in the station hall. But in the 1990s, their number decreased to three.

The lights on the passenger platforms are the same.

Track walls and doors in them for access to cable infrastructure.

And only those very penguin people are moving away to the escalator. Somewhere here they live en masse.

In general, the station is quite warm and stylish.

At the end of the hall, you can see a traditional vertical hermetic door and four escalators behind it.

Let's go upstairs too.

In the escalator hall of the ground lobby, you can see a very steep chandelier made of intertwined spirals.

The Grazhdansky Prospekt station is one of three unique stations in Saint-Petersburg with a ground-based anti-atomic protection complex. The other two stations are Prospect Prosveshcheniya and Lomonosovskaya. This is what determines the separation of the cash register and escalator halls.

Here are the hermetic doors of the ground protection complex.

As a result of later alterations, the ground pavilion has almost lost its original appearance and, in particular, the panoramic windows. Trade pavilions were attached to it from all sides.

Let's go back underground.

From above, except for the chandelier, there are no beauties.

In general, the station is strange. On the one hand, it is interesting, a coat of arms on the wall, a chandelier on the ceiling, a ground-based anti-atomic complex.

On the other hand, it's a long way to go here, there's nothing to do here, and the penguin people will easily trample anyone and not notice.

See for yourself ;)