Prospect Prosveshcheniya

The only column-wall station on the entire line 2nd Blue Line.

One of the few stations, along with "Vaska" Vasileostrovskaya, which no one ever calls by its full name. Only by the nickname - "Prosvet" ("The Gap"). Despite the fact that the name is not particularly successful. The avenue of the same name actually crosses the ENTIRE actual city from west to east along its northern edge. Almost eight kilometers, plus there is also a metro station on it Grazhdansky Prospekt.

At this station, reverse dead ends are located on the sides of the main tunnels - a rarity. This is explained by the fact that according to the initial project, it was supposed to continue the construction of the line north to the Shuvalovskaya station.

The light at the station is poisonous yellow. This is especially clearly seen in those pictures where the electronics do not adjust the white balance.

At the end of the station there is a lamp on a high pole, the same as on the walls of the central hall.

In the other end, on the side of the escalators, the name of the station is emblazoned.

For some reason, the exit to the outside is made by a ledge, and not in a straight line, so the station itself lies almost exactly under Engels Avenue, although the lobby stands away from it.

There are 4 escalators at the station, which is explained by the large flow of passengers. In this area of the city there is one of the main nesting sites of people-penguins. There are countless of them here.

In front of the escalators, as expected, there is a hermetic door. It is difficult to identify the type - it can be either vertical, "guillotine", or horizontal, "wardrobe". We also thought about the disabled here, there are ramps.

In addition to underground hermetic doors, the station has a ground-based anti-nuclear protection system. Roughly speaking, the exit point of the escalators to the surface is covered with a strong reinforced concrete hood, and hermetic doors are also installed there. In addition to this station, such complexes can also be seen at the stations Grazhdansky Prospekt and Lomonosovskaya.

The lobby itself is unremarkable, an ordinary square-nest building of its era. It was supposed to be built into the metro building, but something did not work out, and the lobby remained a separate building.

There's nothing to do up here, let's go back down. There are no decorations above the escalator. Such a utilitarian station.

Since the opening of the metro depot TCh-6 Vyborgskoye and until 2004, there was only one tunnel up to the metrodepo. The second one was laid during the construction of the station Parnas, and the slopes in these tunnels are extreme, as well as under the Neva.

For 18 years this station was the terminal, and even now sometimes trains turn around on it.

Flashlights are certainly cute.

But the drawing of the floor in this light is practically unreadable.