Ploschad Muzhestva

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  • Opened: December 31, 1975
  • Station depth: 63m
  • Project title: Kushelevka
  • Popular names: Marriage Square, Sodomy (Muzhelozhestva)
  • Type of station: with a single vault
  • Entrance to the station: from the ground pavilion (looks like it is built into the building)
  • Traffic: total about 802 thousand people per month

The station is named after its location near the square of the same name and is the closest to the Piskarevsky Memorial Cemetery.

It was opened as part of the section Леснаяru - Akademicheskaya. Together with the next station Politekhnicheskaya This is the world's first single-vaulted deep-laying station. The concrete "umbrellas" of the station are unique - the thickness of the concrete arch is only 20 millimeters.

The northern end of the station hall is covered with aluminum strips with decorative riveting and a five-pointed stainless steel star illuminated from the inside.

The southern end of the station hall bears the inscription "GLORY TO THE HEROES WHO DEFENDED LENINGRAD" (without commas) above the passage to the escalators.

The hermetic door in front of the escalator is a traditional, vertical, "guillotine" type.

An interesting story came out with the ground lobby. Initially, it was just a separate small lobby with two exits - to Courage Square and to the courtyards of houses along Polytechnic Street. Then the exit to the courtyards was closed, only the exit to the square was used. Then, in the 1990s, an apartment building was built directly above the lobby. During construction, the main exit from the station was closed, and the exit to the courtyards was used again. I had to go around the lobby on the left to get to the square. Finally, after the completion of the house, the main entrance was reopened, and the rear one, facing the courtyards, was walled up.

When viewed from Polytechnic Street, it seems that the lobby is built into an apartment building, but in fact the lobby building is located in the courtyard of this house (photo on the right).

There's nothing interesting up here at all, so let's go back underground.

Initially, it was assumed that the station would be the terminus on the line for some time, so a switch exit was built immediately behind it between the main tracks. However, the story of the accident during construction (the famous breakthrough of quicksand, a mixture of water and sand under monstrous pressure, in 1974) made serious adjustments.

The terminal station was the previous station Леснаяru. The elimination of the consequences of the accident was carried out simultaneously with the construction of the next section of the line, so the next terminal station was immediately Akademicheskaya. However, a reverse dead end was built here (without paths), and, as it turned out later, for good reason.

In 1995, a new Размывru occurred. Therefore, from December 6 to December 25, 1995, rails were installed in the revolving tunnel for the possibility of train turnover. The station became temporarily the terminus on the section to the station Devyatkino. Only the 2nd main track was used - trains departed from the same track they arrived on. On the eve of the restoration of through traffic on the line, from June 11 to June 20, 2004, the tracks in the revolving tunnel were dismantled as unnecessary, and the station again ceased to be the terminus.

In general, it is an ordinary single-vaulted station without any beauties and attractions. Unless, of course, you count the epic story of the quicksand and the washout.

Utilitarian, Soviet-style :)