The station was named after the area in which it is located. Back in 1811, a Practical forestry school was transferred from Tsarskoye Selo to this area, then the Forestry Institute, then the Forestry Academy, and now the Kirov State Forestry University. Every vocational school is now called a University, yeah.

In the distant future, the station should become an interchange station for the projected ring line. But when it will happen and whether it will happen, no one knows.

The end wall of the station hall is decorated with the composition "Sun" with illumination from the inside. If you look there, you can see the complex structure of the backlight.

Personally, I especially like the air conditioners that have been pulled out here on special racks right in the middle of the plasma. Which kind of hints at some kind of space somewhere very close, which these air conditioners cool ;) Indeed, there are service rooms behind the end wall of the station, two entrances to which are located at the end of the side platforms.

The track walls are decorated with some unique tiles, some of which were lost during the barbaric application of red stripes with the name of the station on the walls. The doors in the track wall are also represented.

Escalators, as usual, are also at the end of the station. The hermetic door is a traditional, vertical "guillotine" type.

The ground lobby, similar to the station lobby Politekhnicheskaya, originally had panoramic floor-to-ceiling glazing and was very bright.

However, shortly before the restoration of through traffic on the line in April 2004, the lobby was reconstructed. The lower row of windows was bricked up with brick and decorative stone. The trade pavilions attached to the ground lobby were demolished in the 1990s.

There's not much to do up here, let's go back down.

The escalator was initially illuminated by 52 torches (26 on each balustrade), during major repairs they were dismantled, the lighting was moved to the vault.

During the 1995-2004 washout, the station was the terminus for the southern section of the line. Actually, the main story of the fight against erosion - Размывru - is the emergency construction of a bridge in the tunnels to Lesnaya station so that the quicksand does not flood the city subway.

To ensure the operation of the station as a terminal in the period from December 5, 1995 to February 14, 1996, the revolving dead ends were restored, which initially operated from April 22 to December 31, 1975.

On the eve of the restoration of through traffic on the line, from June 5 to June 10, 2004, the tracks in the revolving tunnel were dismantled again, also as unnecessary.

In general, there is nothing here except the Sun :)