TCh-4 Severnoye

The depot of the metro TCh-4 Severnoye ("north") is located in a deep ravine, so it is perfectly visible from the railway embankment at the Devyatkino station, and from the surrounding high-rise residential buildings. It must be understood that at the time when it was built, there were only endless collective farm fields around.

Until 2008, it was a full-fledged depot, but now it is the second site of TCh-1 Avtovo & TCh-2 Dachnoye and is used only for parking and repairing metro trains. There is also a motor depot here, which most likely works as before for the maintenance of the line.

Unfortunately, I could not take a normal picture of this depot, I had to pull some of the photos from the Network (those that can be seen above). From the side of the railway, you can go to the barred portal of the metrotunnel (photo on the left), but not much can be seen from it. In the satellite image (on the right), you can see the remains of the connecting gate to the railway, to the Devyatkino station. This gate operated from the moment the depot was built until 2006, I remember it well.

Washing of rolling stock is carried out in the motor depot building on the 43rd track. The following speed during washing is not more than 2 km/h. 15m in front of the washing gate, it is necessary to stop the train and continue moving at the signal of the washing machine operator. Communication with the operator of the washing machine is carried out by maneuvering radio communication. Shunting movements from the car wash track to other depot tracks are made through the 43M track with an EPS hood on the 42nd track behind the traffic light M13 to the plate "6", "7" or "8", depending on the formation of the composition.

There is no contact rail on the tracks from 44th to 53rd. Tracks from the 1st to the 40th, 43rd, 43M – park tracks, track 41 - rolling, tracks from the 44th to the 48th - motor cars depot tracks. The 42nd track is exhaust, the 53rd is transfer, the 51st is warehouse. The 49th track is utility, the 52nd is equipment.

The railway gate was repeatedly used for transfer to and from the depot of metro trains, mainly during an accident between the stations Леснаяru and Ploschad Muzhestva, known as Размывru.

In 2006, during the reconstruction of the railway station, the gate was dismantled, but its reserve was left for the rapid restoration of the gate if necessary.