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  • Opened: October 3, 2019
  • Station depth: 0m
  • Project title: Yuzhnaya ("South")
  • Type of station: onshore platforms, two tracks with an exit to the depot and an intersection exit from the depot side
  • Entrance to the station: one lobby, pedestrian crossing on the second floor above the tracks
  • Traffic: total about 241 thousand people per month

The southernmost metro station in Saint-Petersburg. The project name is "Yuzhnaya" ("south"). However, in the end, the station was named "Shushary" after the industrial zone in which it is located.

The photo below shows the opening of the station. You can clearly see TCh-7 Yuzhnoe.

The residential area of the same name in Shushary lies far to the west of it and is very inconvenient in terms of transport accessibility.

For technical reasons, the station is devoid of decorations, including the planned stained glass windows on the theme of "speed" and "auto racing". But still pretty.

The Yuzhnaya thermal power plant and Toyota and GM (now Hyundai) car plants are located right around the Shushary station. The pedestrian crossing over the paths through the glass wall overlooks TCh-7 Yuzhnoe. The fact that the depot is located directly behind the station makes it possible to maintain very short inter-train intervals during rush hour.

A service bridge is clearly visible between the tracks, along which train drivers move between the head cars of the trains during their turnover.

The passenger platforms themselves at this station are unadorned, except for the pattern on the floor.