5th Purple Line

  • Start of construction: late 1980s.
  • Opening of the line: December 20, 2008.
  • Opening of the first station on the line: December 30, 1991 (!).
  • Initially: Frunze radius, then Frunze-Primorsky line.
  • The length of the line is 26.2 km, it has 15 stations. The line is growing north.
  • Average train speed: 42 km/h.
  • Travel time from end to end: 37 minutes.
  • Average station depth: 65 meters.

Initially, until December 30, 1991, the northern section of the Fifth Line worked as part of 4th Orange Line.

Until July 31, 2013 the line was serviced by TCh-6 Vyborgskoye, then until September 4, 2019 - TCh-3 Moskovskoye. Now the line has its own metro depot - TCh-7 Yuzhnoe.

Until September 2019, 6-wagon trains operated on the line, and now 8-wagon trains.

On the Fifth line, almost all stations are beautiful, and there are many interesting places:

The most beautiful station on this line, and in general in Saint-Petersburg, unconditionally - Обводный каналru. Very cool and beautiful industrial style of the early twentieth century.