Until October 3, 2019, the station was the terminus on the line.

The name of the station is determined by the area - many streets here are named after cities and public figures of Eastern European countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact Organization, as well as (it seems) Finland.

In the southern end of the station hall, you can see an epic panel - Atlas holding the firmament.

Initially, the Atlantean was, as it should be, with a male penis.

But then reason defeated common sense, the penis on the wall was considered excessive and urgently draped.

To the left of the Atlanta is a reserve for the transition to the future Ring Line. The staircase going straight into the wall looks somewhat demonic.

Behind the wall with the Atlas there is a camera of exits and a 3-arrow 500-meter dead end for the turnover and stagnation of trains.

The floors at the station mirror shine, which makes the station look especially bright.

The cornice lamps are reflected in the shiny surfaces.

The track walls are simple. But the decorated door is presented.

At the northern end of the station, you can see a traditional vertical hermetic door and 4 escalators.

The station lobby is built into the eponymous 9-storey shopping complex.

As is customary in current shopping complexes, you can immediately find yourself in a shopping center directly from the subway.

Above the escalator, you can see another mosaic panel, even more epic than Atlanta. On it you can see fragments of the mythology of various ancient peoples — the Greeks, Babylonians, Romans. Even Icarus is represented.

Interestingly, back in 2004, the option of bringing the line to the surface behind the station Volkovskaya with the construction of stations Bukharestskaya and There is no such page! was considered like the ground ones.

For the first time, plans for the construction of a metro in the Kupchino district were announced around 1982, and the planned places for future metro stations were marked on the plans of 1967-1969. In reality, the station was included in the Leningrad Metro Network Development Program approved by the USSR Council of Ministers in 1985. Construction began in 1988.

In 2010, the design of the 2nd stage began, i.e. the redesign of the stage to the station There is no such page! with the station inclusive and redesigning anew the continuation of the branch towards the future station Shushary.

At the same time, it was decided to switch from two conventional single-track tunnels with a diameter of 5.5 m to one double-track tunnel with a diameter of 10.3 m, and, accordingly, the station There is no such page! they wanted to make it a shallow-laying station. This would mean a steep rise of the tunnel to the south and the abandonment of the tunnel already built in the mid-1990s - it was proposed to plug it with a concrete plug. But in the end, the deep laying of the station There is no such page! was defended, and the combined double-track tunnel was built already to the south of it.

In general, it is a very bright, kind, pretty station.

Even though Atlanta's penis is draped.