The station is part of the only transfer complex in St. Petersburg consisting of three stations, popularly called "Walking in a circle".

One of the most colorful "one-liners" thanks to the trusses of lamps under the ceiling. Initially, the lamps were all over these ceiling trusses and were covered with frosted glass, but in the dashing 90s, the frosted glasses were removed, and half of the lamps were removed to save electricity. They left the lamps only on the edges.

The station is named after Sadovaya Street, passing directly above it. The original name "Peace/World Square - 3" assumed that the adjacent station Spasskaya, aka "Peace/World Square - 2" will be opened earlier. But for technological and financial reasons, Sadovaya turned out to be the second, and Spasskaya - only the third.

The station was opened on the last breath of the USSR - "under the Christmas tree" in 1991. Problems with the economy and geology interfered – an underground river was discovered during the work. The groundwork for the future Spasskaya-Sadovaya, crossing looked like two rectangles on the floor in the center of the hall. Stairs for the future passage were hidden under them.

Sadovaya is the only single–arched station in Saint-Petersburg without a "blind" end and the only station that has the development of railway tracks on both sides.

From one end of the station begins a corridor to the exit to the surface.

Climbing up the steps, you can look at the station from an upper angle.

After passing through two twists of the corridor, we will see three escalators to the surface in front of us.

The walls of this corridor are decorated with decorative elements in the style of Sadovaya station.

In front of the escalator there is a traditional hermetic door of the vertical type - "guillotine". On the escalator, the original authentic lamps have already been replaced with standard "torches".

At the top there is a Haymarket Square, exits from the metro lead to all 4 sides.

If you go into the underpass, you can see another hermetic door - horizontal, like a "wardrobe".

Otherwise, it is an ordinary underpass and an ordinary underground entrance to the subway.

The escalator hall is also without any special decorations.

At the other end of the station hall begins Sennaya-Sadovaya, crossing.

The track walls and floor of the station are decorated with red granite with small gray stripes. According to the original project, the track walls were planned to be gray, but the project was changed due to interruptions in the supply of the necessary stone. The travel walls are decorated with funny monograms.

Although Sadovaya was opened as part of the second launch site 4th Orange Line, it was planned from the very beginning as a station 5th Purple Line. The stage to the station Dostoevskaya is the only two-track connecting branch in Saint-Petersburg Service connecting branches of 4/5 Lines. Since the connecting branches have large slopes and small turning radii, trains have always been slow here. On March 7, 2009, the movement was transferred to the modern scheme. Thus, Sadovaya is the oldest station 5th Purple Line, which also from 1991 to 1997 was the terminus at 4th Orange Line.

On the other side of Sadovaya there is a connecting branch to the station Nevsky Prospekt - Service connecting branches of 2/5 Lines. Currently, this is probably the busiest connecting branch of the metro in Saint-Petersburg, I have several times had to pass through it in a train with passengers. Interestingly, the exits to this connecting branch are under a common arch with the station.

For me personally, this is my favorite "odnosvod", in which the whole complex history of the country in the 90s and at the beginning of the "zero" was reflected as in a mirror. Visit, it's worth a look.