Spasskaya-Sadovaya, crossing

In the center of the transition between the stations Sadovaya and Spasskaya there is a hermetic door. It is difficult to understand the type, but most likely vertical, like a "guillotine".

Let's go first from the station Sadovaya. The descent into the passage is right in the middle of the platform from two stairs.

If we look back, we will see very textured angles thanks to the textured single-arched ceiling of the station.

There is a shopping kiosk at the end of the passage.

The transition itself is completely without frills. Does not support the style of any of the connected stations.

Dull and straightforward. But with an escalator.

Let's look at the escalator from the other side.

From above it looks like this.

If you move away from the escalator at the top, then the same hermetic door will meet quite close.

Now let's go from the side of the station Spasskaya. Here, to enter the passage, you need to climb a side staircase, which is not visible from the central station hall.

Here you can see a colorful panel on the wall of the central hall of the station.

And almost immediately, after a long straight passage - the same hermetic door.

In general, a simple utilitarian transition without frills. And designed in a human way - not all transitions are so lucky ;)