4th Orange Line

  • The line was opened on December 30, 1985.
  • Initially: Right Bank Line.
  • The length of the line is 11 km, it has 8 stations. There is a development of the line in both directions.
  • Average train speed: 37 km/h.
  • Average time from end to end: 18 minutes.
  • Average station depth: 63 meters.
  • The length of trains is 7 cars, the design length is 8.

    From 1991 to 2009, the Fourth Line to the left of the station Достоевскаяru included the northern part 5th Purple Line upstream from the station Sadovaya. Now the section between these stations is ССВ 4/5 линий (Садовая/Достоевская)ru.

    The only line on which all the stations are deep-seated, and the only one, located completely underground. It does not have its own metro depot and is served by a metro depot TCh-3 Moskovskoye.

    The line is designed to pass 40 pairs of 8-car trains per hour. Until September 2019, 6-wagon trains operated on it, now 7-wagon trains operate.

    After construction ТЧ-10 Правобережное (проект)ru The fourth line, like 1st Red Line, "pops out" outside Petersburg to the Leningrad Region and appears on the surface of the earth.

    There are few interesting places on the Fourth Line, but they are:

    But there are many beautiful stations on the Fourth Line, it’s really difficult to choose.

    IMHO, the most beautiful station here is Новочеркасскаяru thanks to its wonderful shades. But you should visit this line yourself to start arguing about tastes.