TCh-3 Moskovskoye

If you go down from the railway embankment of the Southern Semicircle of the Oktyabrskaya Railway and walk along Vitebsky Prospect to the city center, you will very quickly find on your left a large square flat building behind a fence with barbed wire. It also has an interesting announcement about various gases. This is a long building.

This is the TCh-3 Moscow metro depot, which is now part of a separate complex of buildings - the electric depot itself, the locomotive depot, warehouses, the rail depot, SMU-9 Metrostroy and the current GazEkoSet enterprise, the former SMU-17. And only a square administrative building sticking out into the sky, the same as in TCh-5 Nevskoye, shows that this is a metro depot.

The place where trains spend the night south of the station Kupchino.

Like any other metro depot in Saint-Petersburg, the place is interesting. As expected, it has a bomb shelter.

Interestingly, from the depot itself to the territory of the rail base, you can only drive through the outside world - leaving through one gate and immediately dropping into another.

From here, on the back side of the depot, there is an access track to the Srednerogatskaya railway station. The one that then crosses the Moscow highway near the Ring Road.

From here, from the rear, you can even look into the territory of the rail base. Especially if you climb the railroad embankment.

If you look from Vitebsky Prospekt, from the bridge, this gate will be exactly on the far side in a straight line.

By the way, in the photo on the left, the most extreme left track is presumably a touchdown for the never-built second railway gate with the Kupchino railway station.

The gates of the depot are numbered, as it should be. Above them is the proud inscription "Moskovskoye".

It is interesting to see in the right photo the path that goes outside the security perimeter in the railroad depot. There's an open warehouse with a gantry crane. It is very clearly visible what the protected perimeter looks like.