TCh-5 Nevskoye

Directly in front of us is a railway bridge over the metro depot TCh-5 "Nevskoe" (a railway line from Petro-Slavyanka to Rybatskoe). The metro station Rybatskoye is just behind the bridge, but you can't see it from this angle yet. There is no better place to film this depot.

The railway bridge runs directly over the depot tracks, crossing them at their narrowest point. Once upon a time, long ago, when the depot had just opened, somewhere further behind the bridge there was a connecting gate between the metro depot and the railway (see the left photo below). The place under another gate, similar to TCh-3 Moskovskoye, is prepared from the side of the Rybatskoye railway station (right photo below).

Once this depot was larger in size, but the years of wolf capitalism did not go to its advantage - part of the territory, where apparently there was some kind of repair plant and another park of tracks, was sold for warehouses and markets.

While we are filming here, the depot issues a fresh train to the line and carries out shunting operations.

An administrative building rises on the territory of the depot, which looks the same as on TCh-3 Moskovskoye. Pedestrian crossings are not forgotten either.

The portal to the station Rybatskoye is clearly visible. The rightmost path to the portal, now obviously a rarely used shunting hood, is just prepared for a quick connection to the Rybatskoye railway station, if necessary. It is enough to disassemble the fence, lay 30 meters of railway track, and you're done. A large residential complex is still under construction in the background - filming in 2012.

The place is photogenic, atmospheric. On the right you can see the building of the railroad depot and train wash.

Inside the black hole of the sink, the eyes of the waiting beast glow gloomily.

Pay attention to the contact rails everywhere along the tracks and railway switches. In the metro, after all, current collectors are on the sides of the carriages, respectively, they can take current on both sides of the train. Also pay attention to the traffic lights, which are very different in the metro from the railway.

Mentally here. Until the guards start yelling in the loudspeakers.

As a matter of fact, as soon as we moved to the edge of the bridge in order to look with a zoom into the railroad depot, it was then that the guards noticed us. The perimeter here is strict, apparently, we got into the lens of some of the video cameras. And how the speakerphone began to shout, threaten us with heavenly punishments and call on the militia for help ...

Since at that time the militia did not exist for a long time, we decided to run away from sin. Suddenly, indeed, evil adherents of a non-existent organization with aspen stakes will appear - how will we be saved? :)