Gorny Institute (under construction)

At the time of launch, this station will become the terminus at 4th Orange Line. At the same time, the previous station - Teatralnaya (under construction) - will be opened a few years later, trains will transit it.

Interestingly, the construction of this section of the metro goes with the Main state examination of the project documentation. The city authorities do not see a problem in this.

The name of the station is associated with its location near the Gorny ("Mining") Institute. Yes, now all these educational institutions have hung university signs on themselves, but we know that. There is only one university in Saint-Petersburg - Saint-Petersburg State University. All the others are institutions.

The project version of the "Bolshoy Prospekt" was eventually rejected, because there are two Large Avenues in the city - on Vasilievsky Island and on the Petrogradskaya side, and both are quite long.

Interestingly, although the metro route passes on the way to this station under the main riverbed of the Neva, no problems and anomalies were noted when tunneling. However, during the construction of the station on July 8, 2020, a worker died - the cradle turned over.

In addition to the traditional escalators, there is an elevator for the disabled at the station. There are also provisions for the future transition to the Ring Line and for the second exit to the Neva Embankment and the icebreaker "Krasin".