Teatralnaya (under construction)

If all the ideas put into the project of the Teatralnaya ("theatrical") station are put into practice, then this will definitely be the most beautiful station built in the city in the post-Soviet period.

Interestingly, the construction of this section of the metro goes with the Main state examination of the project documentation. The city authorities do not see a problem in this.

The name of the station is associated with its location near the Theater Square. Almost directly above the metro station is the famous Mariinsky Theater.

The station is supposed to have a high capacity. At least 120 people per hour at ticket offices selling tokens, and "fast" turnstiles for 1,380 people per hour each. There are two elevators, one vertical and one inclined.

The construction went on for a very long time, accompanied by traditional problems with financing and lack of space for construction facilities - after all, we are talking about a dense historical center of the city. Deadlines have been postponed many times. Now I would also not consider the stated deadlines (2026th year) as final. At the same time, the section to the station Gorny Institute (under construction) is supposed to be opened in 2024, and for several years trains will pass through the Teatralnaya station in transit.

To date, all the distillation tunnels on the site have been completed, the openings between the pylons are being opened and the installation of the station itself is underway. However, there are delays in the construction of exits from the station, and the completion date is still unclear.