Ligovsky Prospekt

A pretty beautiful single-vaulted station with interesting fixtures.

But it wasn't always like that. The station was originally opened with poisonous yellow sodium lighting.

Moreover, to save money, half of the lamps were turned off, as well as the illumination of the stained glass window at the end of the station hall.

Due to the nasty poisonous yellow lighting and the small number of working lamps, it was frankly dark at the station.

I no longer believed that one day it would be possible to see it all in a human light.

But in the end, someone died in the leadership of the city metro, and in 2014 the lighting was replaced with normal white.

The main element of the station, of course, are the lamps. Visually massive and complex shapes.

Even the suspension of the lamps is visually decorated. The doors in the track walls are simple, without any special decorations.

The benches in the middle of the platform are interesting.

The stained glass window at the end of the hall is simple, it does not represent anything special. Perhaps because the transition from this end is planned to 6th Brown Line.

At the other end of the station hall is a wide staircase leading to escalators.

This staircase offers a beautiful view of the entire station.

A particularly interesting view from here opens onto the line of lamps. Although they look epic from below.

The handrail in the middle of the stairs appeared relatively recently. Initially, the staircase was without it.

There is a clock at the end of the corridor to the side of the stairs.

Let's take a walk upstairs.

The hermetic door is traditionally located right in front of the escalators. It is unclear whether it is vertical or horizontal.

The station lobby is built into the administrative building of the metro. The building is monumental, but it does not represent anything particularly interesting.

The lamps above the inclined course are placed on the vault, not on the balustrade, to save money.

When you get off the escalator, the clock is just visually at the end of the path.

In general, it is very pretty. Especially in the white light.