Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskogo-2

The most scaly station in Saint-Petersburg. It was with her that 4th Orange Line once began. It is also named after the square under which it is located.

From 2004 to 2021, the lighting at the station was poisonous yellow, absolutely terrible and eyeless.

In such a yellow light, the difference between the chain mail track wall and the white (actually white) ceiling was completely lost.

The yellowness was especially striking at the entrance to the station, where the white lights from the escalator were replaced by yellow ones in the station hall.

And although the lamps themselves, stylized as fortress loopholes, did not become worse from the yellow light, but it all looked terrible.

But in 2021, fortunately, someone finally died in the Metro Department, and the lamps were finally replaced with normal, white LED ones. Feel the difference.

The doors in the chain mail track walls are made as inconspicuously as possible. You have to look for them specifically with your eyes.

And now the station looks very warm and pretty.

In one of the ends of the station there is, as already noted, an exit to the surface.

By design, it is almost identical to the same exit at the neighboring station Dostoevskaya. Interestingly, it was supposed to put a statue of Alexander Nevsky at the exit here, but for some reason this task remained unfulfilled. There is a niche, but there is no statue.

If you climb the stairs and turn into the passage, then behind the steel lattice gates you can see the corridor to the escalators to the surface.

The gate, by the way, is quite complex in shape. Actually, there were three passages here, but one of them was walled up by the metro and equipped with a utility pantry there.

The hermetic door here is traditionally located in front of the escalators, but its type is not clear by external signs. Either "guillotine" or "wardrobe".

Going upstairs, you can see that the station is built into the lobby of the first floor of one of the metro buildings. Such monumental architecture of the very late USSR.

And there would be nothing interesting in this entrance...

...if not for the beautiful epic battle panel "Ice Battle" near the escalators. This is something that is definitely worth a look.

The entrance of the escalators underground is without any decorations. It's just a wonderful staircase dives under the glass windows.

The second end of the station, also with escalators up, leads to the famous passage with five men on four horses Alexander Nevsky Square, transition.

So this station allows itself to be viewed over the heads from both ends.

In conclusion, let's say that from 1985 to 1991, the station was the terminus on the line, and all the huge traffic from east bedroom Harlem went straight here to the crossing.