Prospekt Bolshevikov

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  • Opened: December 30, 1985
  • Station depth: 71m
  • Project title: Kollontai Street
  • Popular names: Bolshevichka, Bolsheviki, Avenue of the Homeless, Avenue of the Hogweed
  • Type of station: with a single vault
  • Entrance to the station: from the ground pavilion
  • Traffic: total about 1447 thousand people per month

The station is named after the nearby city avenue. However, this is the farthest of the avenues converging at the intersection near the station. And on the same avenue there is a neighboring station Улица Дыбенкоru.

In 2007, the toponymic commission decided to rename the station to Okkerville, but fortunately this decision was canceled by the governor of Saint-Petersburg.

The station was temporarily the terminus on the line, as the neighboring station Улица Дыбенкоru was not ready by the time the line was launched.

The arch of the station is composed of three elements, forming cornices above the tracks. This solution was used for the first time at single-water stations and is not found anywhere else. The middle vault rises above the side ones and is illuminated by powerful lamps.

At the end of the underground hall there is a stele with a Hammer and Sickle coinage. Up close, this composition is unrealistically surreal.

It's a hammer, it's a sickle
This is our Soviet coat of arms
If you want to reap, but if you want to forge
You'll get a passport anyway ;)

When translated into English, the wordplay is hopelessly lost, but alas.

Until 2005, the lighting at the station was white, but in 2006, for some reason, it was replaced with a nasty yellow one. There was a rather long transition period when the station was illuminated from different sides by lamps of different colors.

Despite the fact that the station lobby is above ground, escalators exit below ground level. After climbing the escalator, you still need to climb a few meters up the stairs. The lower part of the escalators also does not reach the station platform, there is also a small staircase. This is due to the great depth of the station and the inability in those years to cover such a depth with one escalator, and a cascade of two consecutive escalators, as at the stations Proletarskaya and Admiralteyskaya was considered economically unprofitable.

Before the repair, the station's exit portal contained unexpectedly interesting details. For example, the bolts with a red star that hold the railing.

And here, above the stairs, the lighting is different. It is difficult to determine the type of hermetic door.

Several days a year, direct sunlight can penetrate through the dome along the escalator directly to the station platform for a few minutes.

Here it is, the upper staircase. Well, the dome here, of course, is notable.

On the outside, there is an ordinary washer. So you can go straight back down.

It remains to understand on which days of the year and at exactly what time sunlight enters the station. They write that in the spring. We'll check it later ;)