Before the opening of the station Komendantsky Prospekt - the deepest metro station in Saint-Petersburg. The name comes from the favorite theme of the Soviet Union - the strike of the proletariat of the Obukhov Plant in 1901.

Along with the station Admiralteyskaya, which is now the deepest, it has two cascades of escalators. The only such stations in the city. The reason for this is the technological impossibility to ensure the operation of a single escalator of such a long length.

The hermetic door is located between the escalator cascades. Its type is most likely vertical, "guillotine", but it can also be horizontal, "wardrobe". It is impossible to determine exactly, but the layout allows for both solutions.

The lower cascade of the escalator is short, followed by a passage to the grand cascade. Once there were lamps of the "light columns" type, they can be seen in archival photos.

Now there are standard lamps-"torches", which are not very suitable stations in design and color scheme.

After passing the hermetic door, we will climb up the large cascade of the escalator.

The lobby is very spacious, open-plan and somewhat unusual in appearance.

Initially, the lobby had panoramic floor-to-ceiling glazing, but after renovation in the mid-2000s, it acquired a modern look.

There is an idea to build a second exit from the station to the other bank of the Neva, similarly Sportivnaya (travolator). But definitely not in this life.

There is nothing interesting on the surface here. Let's go back underground.

Unlike the long and gloomy series of "horizontal elevators" further down the line, this station is perceived as very warm and lamp-like.

The absolute dominant of the station is the symbol of the lumpen-proletariat state - the hammer and sickle. Very kosher, concise and beautiful.

By it, as well as by the columns, the station is recognized immediately and unmistakably.

On the sides of the hammer and sickle lurked lamps of the original design. Just the same, only higher, once stood between the escalators.

Nice station. Cosy. And there are not many people here - there are only very few residential buildings upstairs, apart from a large factory.