Sportivnaya (travolator)

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  • Opened: May 27, 2015
  • Entrance to the station: exit to the underground passage
  • Traffic: total about 431 thousand people per month

The travolator at the Sportivnaya metro station has a length of 300 meters in two autonomous sections and runs directly under the Malaya Neva. This is the only travelator in the Saint-Petersburg metro today.

We remind you that a travolator is such a horizontal escalator, a self-moving transport belt for horizontal movement of people over long distances. Previously, such worked, for example, under the airfield of Pulkovo airport.

One end of the travolator goes to the metro station There is no such page!, the other - through its own escalators to the underpasses on Vasilievsky Island.

From the side of the metro station, the travolator is hidden at the far end of the lower hall. To get to it, you must either walk along the side passenger platform of the lower hall, or descend from the upper hall by a distant small escalator.

On the other hand, the travelator has its own escalators with its hermetic door (as usual, vertical, like a "guillotine").

An ordinary pedestrian tunnel leads from the escalator to the travolator itself, decorated in the same style as the lower hall of the Sportivnaya metro station.

Moving around the travelator itself is very meditative. You can ride back and forth as many times as you want.

Since the drives will not be able to drag away a tape that is too long, the 300 meters of the travelator length are divided into two independent sections in the middle.

If you go up from the travelator by escalator to the surface, then in the underground lobby you will find another entrance to the Sportivnaya metro station with another sports-Greek mosaic.

Then the passage runs along the corridors of the underpass. This is one of two metro stations with access to Vasilyevsky Island. The second, we recall - There is no such page!, and the next one Primorskaya is located not on Vasilievsky Island but on the island of the Decembrists.

On the far side of the intersection there are even small pavilions with their own small escalators, but we will go to the near side, where there is only a pedestrian staircase. From here, the Tuchkov Bridge is perfectly visible, a little away from which the travolator passes under the river.

In general, it is not necessary to climb up here. But it's fun to ride on the travolator itself ;)