The station is named after the street of the same name, on which the ground station lobby is located. The design of the station is dedicated to the Semenovsky Guards Infantry Regiment, whose barracks were once located on the surface above the station.

At the end of the station you can see a mosaic depicting the very first soldiers of the Semenovsky regiment of Peter the Great.

From December 20, 2008 to March 7, 2009, train traffic from the station was in shuttle mode, until the opening of the station Spasskaya and the separation of the Right-Bank line. Trains left only to the station Volkovskaya from both platforms with an interval of 6 minutes.

Initially, the station was planned and built as a column, but due to a long break in construction and the beginning of deformation of the openings, it was decided to replace part of the column-girder complex with piers to prevent displacement of already installed columns. The side tunnels of the station have an increased diameter of 9.8 meters compared to the standard column of the station; the middle hall is a typical one with a distance between the axes of the columns of 3.8 meters in the longitudinal direction and 8 meters in the transverse direction.

Immediately near the exit of the tunnel, the opening narrows. The doors in the track walls stand out in contrast against the background of marble.

At the opposite end of the station from the mosaic, you can see four escalators and in front of them - a traditional vertical hermetic door, such as a "guillotine".

The lobby on the surface does not shine with external elegance.

But here, above the escalators, you can see another large panel on the theme of the Battle of Poltava. It is called "Peter 1's appeal to the soldiers before the Battle of Poltava", but in fact there is already a battle going on.

The station is decorated quite richly, positively, which is extremely pleasing against the background of the late Soviet utilitarianism of many other stations.

An interesting solution is an intermediate elevation in the middle of the central hall to reduce the steepness of the stairway to the station PushkinskayaPushkinskaya-Zvenigorodskaya, crossing. The only such station in the Russian metro, as far as I know. From this elevation there is a transition to the Pushkinskaya station of the First line. At the same time, since the transition is still heavily loaded, an unpleasant intersection of flows occurs here.

Interestingly, its own exit was opened here a year after the opening of the station itself - on December 26, 2009 at 13:00, and before that it was possible to get to the surface from here only through this passage.

The station has a rather interesting lighting system, and as a result, the central hall is lit up enough, but the side halls are a little dark.

As usual, benches are also presented. The historical photo on the right shows navigation along the line of those times when the terminal was still the station Volkovskaya.

Nice station. It is definitely worth a visit.