Pushkinskaya-Zvenigorodskaya, crossing

  • Opened: December 20, 2008

This inter-station crossing for a whole year was the only way to the surface for the station Zvenigorodskaya - until they built their own exit on it. This is the only inter-station crossing in St. Petersburg, the entrance to which is made from the raised part of the main station platform. All other passages, and the second end of this passage, begin at the usual level of the station hall.

So, let's go to the transition from the station Zvenigorodskaya. During rush hour, there is always a fierce intersection of passenger flows in this place.

Three corridors, the middle of which is divided exactly in half by railings, converge into one intermediate hall.

Here, under the ceiling, you can see two vintage chandeliers from the station Pushkinskaya, removed from the side hall during the construction of the transition.

Just behind the chandeliers are hermetic doors. It is difficult to determine the type, vertical or horizontal. They can be seen even from the station hall Zvenigorodskaya - average photo.

Now let's look from the side of the station Pushkinskaya. Everything is traditional here.

Two ordinary stairs, no miracles.

Separation of streams. One staircase is only there, the other is only from there.

The lamps in this part of the transition are utilitarian, without beauty.

Well, almost immediately we come to the same hermodveri. The crossing is short - thirty meters.