Obvodny kanal

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  • Opened: December 30, 2010
  • Station depth: 64m
  • Popular names: Obodok ("rim"), Obvodny ("bypass"), Obvodka ("framing")
  • Type of station: pylon
  • Entrance to the station: lobby in the building of the shopping and entertainment center
  • Traffic: total about 531 thousand people per month

The station is definitely among the top 3 most beautiful stations in Saint-Petersburg. And perhaps the most beautiful.

According to the original design, the station was supposed to be a single-arched and cross-platform interchange, like Sportivnaya (lower hall). But then it became a pylon with a simplified project - without cross-platforming.

The name of the station comes from its location - under the Bypass Channel. But in general, this channel is quite long, just over 8 kilometers, and there are also metro stations Baltiyskaya and Frunzenskaya on it.

The absolute benefit of the station is its design, which completely excludes the placement of any satanic advertising anywhere. However, any capitalist will strangle himself for profit, so in the end this station will definitely be ruined by advertising. Unfortunately.

These awesome glass photo panels. You can wander along the platform for a long time and look at them.

And this is the chic style of steampunk from the very beginning of the 20th century. Metal trusses and rivets. Even the doors in the track walls are inscribed authentically.

In the dead-end end of the central hall, you can also see a beautiful panel in the ideally depressive style of Saint-Petersburg.

The entrance to the city is located outside the standard for Saint-Petersburg - adjacent to the side of the platform with a pedestrian staircase to the escalators. The same as at the neighboring station Volkovskaya.

The staircase, of course, passes over one of the paths. Which is directly emphasized in its design.

There is a hermetic door to the side of the tunnels. The type is difficult to determine.

There are four escalators behind it. Let's go upstairs.

At the top is the realm of futurism with lamps that look like rocket nozzles.

The ground lobby is located at the intersection of the embankment of the Obvodny Canal and Ligovsky Prospekt — instead of the demolished cinema "North".

Interestingly, since the opening, the station has been operating in full, while the building of the shopping center with the station lobby was completed for another year.

Let's go back underground.

At the exit from the escalator, the design of the hermetic door immediately catches the eye. All in the same style.

The largest station panel is clearly visible from the stairs. It directly greets everyone who enters the station. Unfortunately, the lighting here is not thought out - the glare from the lamps greatly interfere with viewing the panels.

There are a lot of interesting details at the station. In the historical picture below to the right is the navigation of those times when the next station Volkovskaya was the final one.

Aesthetics of arches and openings.

The lighting at the station is also interesting, mostly behind the curtain. But there's not enough light, it's a little dark.

Against the background of the brilliant stations of the First stage of the Leningrad metro, there is no shame at all for this station. We can, if we want to.

Be sure to come for a walk around this wonderful station.

Well, at the same time.