The station is not named after its location, but in honor of the epic Frunze department store located nearby. Under the very curtain of the USSR, this department store was burned down by its employees on the night before the big audit, so now it turns out that the name of the station is not tied to anything at all.

Initially, Frunzenskaya is one of the many "tile" stations. Tile is quite a popular finishing material in those years. But, of course, the tiles kept falling off from prolonged vibrations and they had to be glued back all the time.

Later, in the 21st century, the station was redesigned with white marble. The asphalt floors in the side halls were also replaced with gray granite.

Frunzenskaya is a pylon-type station with a shortened central nave. Against the background of the brilliant stations of the first stage of the Leningrad metro, this is just a sample of Khrushchev's economy and poverty.

At the end of the central hall you can see a bas-relief made of aluminum and red smalt. It depicts Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze. As it should be - on horseback, surrounded by Red Army soldiers, against the background of battle banners. You can even make out Lenin's thin profile.

At the other end of the central hall there are three escalators.

The hermetic door at the exit from the escalator is lifting, such as a "toilet lid".

But there is something at this station that is worth looking at besides Mikhail Vasilyevich. These are old Soviet vintage loudspeakers dating back to Stalin's times. Just a masterpiece of industrial design of those years. Real technical aesthetics.

The dominant design of the side halls are long horizontal metal grilles. Although not very smooth.

Doors in the track wall.

The poverty and uniformity of the design creates the feeling that you are inside a large empty drum.

The ground vestibule of the station is typical, the same as at the stations Elektrosila and Park Pobedy.

Designed for a direct hit by an aerial bomb, most likely of the FAB-500 type. But in general, it does not represent anything interesting.

But let's go back underground.

And let's go further ;)