Park Pobedy

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  • Opened: April 29, 1961
  • Station depth: 49m
  • Project title: Park Pobedy (Victory Park)
  • Popular names: Pobeda (Victory), Publichka (public [library])
  • Type of station: closed type (horizontal elevator)
  • Entrance to the station: typical ground lobby
  • Traffic: total about 948 thousand people per month

Victory Park is the world's first closed-type station, the so-called "horizontal elevator". It is also the last station of the first stage of the second line of the Leningrad Metro. Until 1969, the station was the terminus, there was a cross exit to the south of it. After the extension of the line, the exit was dismantled, but a section of the line remained from it, where both tracks pass in the same tunnel and through the window of the car you can see an oncoming train passing.

The name of the station is due to its location - near the Moscow Victory Park.

The very idea of a closed-type station is very simple. We save on the construction of side halls. Trains stop right in the distillation tunnels. On the sides of the central hall there are automatic sliding doors, strictly synchronized with the train doors. The train stops, the doors open, passengers enter and exit. Then the doors close and the train leaves. That's why such stations are called horizontal elevators.

If you look at the sliding doors, you can see the arrival of the train, just like at ordinary stations.

An interesting point of the Victory Park station is that initially the floor here was a light shade and had an orderly pattern.

But during the repair of the station in 2013-2015, the floor was replaced with a solid dark shade. Which undoubtedly greatly worsened the perception of the station.

The lighting of the station is behind the curtain.

The hermetic door at the station is vertical, of the "guillotine" type.

The attraction of the station is a staircase in the middle of the hall leading down to nowhere. Well, you can also note the lights above the lower end of the escalator, somehow not falling into the general outline.

The end of the station hall is quite poor. They say that the slogan "Long live the united Soviet people, the builder of communism" was posted here earlier.

The station lobby is typical, orphan, the same as at the stations Frunzenskaya, Elektrosila and once Moskovskiye Vorota and Gorkovskaya.

Inside, too, everything is typical, except that the lamps are different.

Actually, that's all. Stations of the "horizontal elevator" type are generally one of the most depressing in terms of design. Let's go further.