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  • Opened: December 25, 1969
  • Station depth: 33m
  • Project title: House of Soviets
  • Popular names: Meat
  • Type of station: closed type (horizontal elevator)
  • Entrance to the station: underpasses at both ends of the station
  • Traffic: total about 2281 thousand people per month

The longest "horizontal elevator" in the country. This is caused by the need to bring the exits from the station on both sides to far-away underground passages. However, there are several urban legends associated with this station.

The most interesting legend is about an underground boathouse allegedly located here for submarines in order to evacuate the city's leadership, allegedly located in the House of Soviets directly above the station. It is possible to discuss for a long time the impossibility of such a structure below the water level in the Gulf of Finland, and in heavy-duty sandstones, where metro tunnels had to be built in an explosive way. As well as the fact that in the shallow Finnish Gulf, the movement of ships is possible only along a narrow fairway.

The second most common legend is about the presence of a service entrance to this station directly from the House of Soviets. Oddly enough, this is quite possible, because according to the pre-war project, the exit of the station was supposed to be located in the House of Soviets, and was postponed at the last moment.

Interestingly, the exits of the station differ sharply in passenger traffic - 37% for public transport in the east-west direction, and 63% for the direction of the southern suburbs and the airport. The station is located right at the intersection of two major city highways, and it is from here that buses run to Pulkovo Airport.

Therefore, Moskovskaya station is the leader in the number of route and other signs. There are not so many signs at any other station in St. Petersburg.

Of all the dreary "horizontal elevators", this one is probably the most beautiful. For me at least.

The name of the station is due to its location - on Moskovsky Prospekt, under Moskovskaya Square and near the beginning of the Moscow Highway. The project's pre-war name is the House of Soviets, it's clear why. The building of the House of Soviets stands almost directly above the station.

Like at any other closed-type station, there is almost nothing to see.

The hermodveri at the station are vertical, like a "guillotine".

From the moment of construction until 1972, the station was the terminus. To the south of it, there is still a revolving dead end.

A large flow of people by itself focuses attention on the white ceiling. This is the only non-transfer station on 2nd Blue Line with two exits.