Zvyozdnaya is the last "horizontal elevator" in the USSR. No more stations of this type were built. It is also the southernmost "horizontal elevator" of Saint-Petersburg. And, at the same time, with the smallest depth of the deep-laying stations. Pun intended, yes.

The station was built on a service connecting tunnel between the station Moskovskaya and TCh-3 Moskovskoye. The sinking was carried out by drilling and blasting. Interestingly, from the side Moskovskaya, the distillation tunnels approach the station in a steep curve with a laid counter-rail. The counter-rail is clearly visible on the video, although actually at this station it is most difficult to look into the tunnel. The sliding station doors are very tightly fitted here.

The station is named after the street where it is located. Therefore, the theme of the station was the exploration of outer space ("Zvyozdnaya" = starry). So, at the top of the ticket hall you can see the bust of the first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin.

Apart from Gagarin, the design of the lobby is very utilitarian. There are practically no decorations.

The lobby itself is free-standing, unassuming.

Therefore, after looking at Gagarin, we will go straight down.

On the sides at the foot of the escalator you can see interesting lamps.

The station hall itself, as in almost all "horizontal elevators", is boring and dull.

The hermetic door near the escalator is vertical, of the "guillotine" type.

Of the decorations here, only the repeated name of the station on the cornice...

...yes, the colorful end of the hall with stars and plates.

The world is imperfect. And "horizontal elevators" are given to us in the sense of this ;)