TCh-7 Yuzhnoe

Today it is the largest metro depot in Saint-Petersburg. Named for its geographical location - the southern de facto border of Saint-Petersburg.

This is the only metro depot that can be viewed from the transition to the station Shushary and from the surrounding area. But you still won't see much:

Therefore, let's take photos from the copter from the Web:

As you can see, the depot is adjacent to the station Shushary:

The composition of the Yuzhnoye metro depot:

  • sedimentation and repair building for 41 tracks,
  • railroad car and electric locomotive workshop,
  • workshop for turning wheelsets without rolling out,
  • workshop for restoration painting and drying of cars,
  • administrative building and canteen.

There is both a scheme and a plan of the metro depot. Also from open sources. To view them normally, open the diagrams in a new tab.

The depot is designed to carry out the following volumes of maintenance and repair:

  • Current repair of TR-3: 7 wagons per month
  • TR-2: 12 wagons per month
  • TR-1: 30 wagons per month
  • Unscheduled repairs: 90 wagons per month
  • Maintenance TO-3K: 1 train per day
  • TO-3: 4 trains per day
  • TO-1: 44 trains per day