Krestovsky Ostrov

Krestovsky Ostrov (Krestovsky Island) station was opened almost 9 months later than both of its neighbors - Staraya Derevnya and Chkalovskaya. The delay was caused by the completion of the ground lobby. All this time, the metro trains passed the station without stopping.

This is one of the warmest and in its own way the most beautiful metro stations in Saint-Petersburg. It is named after the place where it is located. This is the only metro station in Russia with the word "island" in its name.

The columns and arches of the station hall are decorated with light limestone, the track walls are travertine. The end wall is decorated with mirrors for the first time in Russia, which visually lengthens the station hall. On the frieze of the pediment, Roman numerals indicate the opening date of the station.

The experience of the station is that for the first time the entire structure is made in precast reinforced concrete: both columns and crossbars are reinforced concrete.

One of the station's features is the presence of mosaics of river and island spirits-kami, just like in Japanese Shinto. From the central hall — the river, from the side halls — the islands. Here are some of them.

The Moika River and the Zayachiy (Hare) Island.

Malaya (Small) and Srednaya (Medium) Nevka, Kamenny (Stone) Island and Bolshaya (Big) Nevka.

Neva River and Vasilievsky Island.

Elagin Island and the Fontanka (~fountain) River.

Navigation at the station was originally the same as in the photo on the left, but now it is unified with all other stations, as in the photo on the right.

The station has a relatively small passenger traffic, because there are very few residential buildings here, and they mostly belong to the highest elite class. That is, their residents do not ride the subway. However, there is also a large amusement park and a stadium.

Escalators are located at the end of the hall. The hermetic door is vertical, of the "guillotine" type.

Let's go upstairs.

It's interesting here. For the first time in Saint-Petersburg, unless of course you count the station of the very first stage of the Leningrad metro, the design of the underground hall and the ground pavilion is made in the same style.

The ground lobby is built on a stylobate (elevation) due to the threat of flooding in the area. Before the construction of the dam on the Finnish Gulf, during severe floods, the entire area went under water.

But let's go further. Back underground.

And yet this is the only station in Russia where the spirits of rivers and lakes have found living images :) It's worth a look. And even touch it.

Well, at the same time.