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  • Opened: December 21, 1970
  • Station depth: 62m
  • Project title: Elizarova Avenue
  • Popular names: Yel'nik (spruce forest), Yolka (spruce), Lisa
  • Type of station: closed type (horizontal elevator)
  • Entrance to the station: ground lobby
  • Traffic: total about 678 thousand people per month

Almost all horizontal elevators on this line are similar, like identical twins. The differences have to be looked for with a microscope.

The stage from this station to the station Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskogo-1 is the longest inter-station stage in Saint-Petersburg (3.4 kilometers). But as with all horizontal elevators, it is very difficult to look into the tunnel here.

The station is named after the avenue of the same name. The avenue, in turn, is named after Mark Timofeevich Elizarov (1863-1919), who on November 8 (21), 1917 became the first People's Commissar (Minister) of Railways of Soviet Russia. The Leningrad Metro was under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Railways from the first day of opening.

In addition to the original name "Elizarov Avenue", the project also had the names "Elizarov's Name" and "Smolenskoye".

At the end of the hall is the only decoration, a revolutionary bas-relief "The Uprising of the Proletariat".

Well, when the station was built, there was such a time. The fiery theme of the revolution was shoved always and everywhere.

The hermetic door at the station is vertical, of the "guillotine" type.

A beautiful mosaic on the theme of industrial enterprises of this area of the city was placed in the lobby of the station above the inclined course during the overhaul of the station in 2016.

The lobby itself is spacious, but has a design error. Exiting the subway through a spacious hall, a large flow of people gets on a very narrow sidewalk, and even right in front of a pedestrian traffic light at the intersection. Accordingly, during rush hour, there is a terrible pandemonium and a whirlpool of human flows on the street here.

This is doubly insulting, because the station lobby itself is comfortable and spacious.

In general, as with all horizontal elevators, there is not much to admire here. Let's go further?