The westernmost metro station in Russia. And it will remain so for a long time, even after the extension of the line further north. At the same time, the westernmost point of the metro tunnels is located just south of Begovaya station, right under the main entrance to the 300th Anniversary of Saint-Petersburg Park.

The project name - Savushkina Street - is dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union, fighter pilot, navigator of the 11th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Guards, Captain Alexander Petrovich Savushkin, who defended the city from Nazi aviation during the siege of Leningrad. The aviation design of the station, dedicated to pilot Savushkin, was not redone. The station has a lot of collage panels with allegorical images of military aircraft and their parts. The lights at the station are also stylized as propellers.

Actually, 10 out of 12 panels:

It's a pity, they glare mercilessly.

There are no hermetic doors at the station, although there is an evacuation exit - at the opposite end of the station relative to the main exits. The transition between the platforms is by stairs above the tracks.

Let's look outside.

The ground exits are similar in design to the stations Dunayskaya and There is no such page!.

For reasons of economy, the entrances to the station were not connected to the nearby podulichny passage, although such a solution was suggested.

There are stairs and travelators at the entrance.

Unlike many other metro stations in Saint-Petersburg, there is enough light everywhere.

From the spacious hall we already get directly to the entrance to the subway.

As it should be, the cash register.

Above the short escalator you can see a glass panel dedicated directly to Alexander Savushkin. Since the depth of the station is small, the escalator here is purely symbolic.

The station doors of the closed air circuit work exactly the same as in all "horizontal elevators". But their transparency, of course, adds a sense of presence.

Immediately behind the station, trains are rotated in the distillation tunnels. The tunnels go on, but the construction there is not finished yet.

The station is equipped with elevators for the disabled. But it was built in such a hurry, for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, that the quality of fitting interior details leaves much to be desired. Horizontals are not horizontal, verticals are not vertical.

Well, in general, the abundance of bright light, mirror surfaces and orange color makes you hide your eyes. Imho a bit too much.

Is it worth coming here specifically to see the station? No. Against the background of the stations of the First stage of the Leningrad metro, the sensations will be too polar.