5th Purple Line

  • Start of construction: late 1980s.
  • Opening of the line: December 20, 2008.
  • Opening of the first station on the line: December 30, 1991 (!).
  • Initially: Frunze radius, then Frunze-Primorsky line.
  • The length of the line is 26.2 km, it has 15 stations. The line is growing north.
  • Average train speed: 42 km/h.
  • Travel time from end to end: 37 minutes.
  • Average station depth: 65 meters.

    Depth profile on the line: Station depths

    Depth profile along Fifth Purple line of the Saint-Petersburg metro 100m Komendantsky Prospekt Staraya Derevnya Krestovsky Ostrov Admiralteyskaya Sadovaya Nevsky Prospekt Достоевская Звенигородская Международная Prospect Slavy Dunayskaya Shushary

    Traffic profile on the line: Traffic

    Traffic profile along Fifth Purple line of the Saint-Petersburg metro 1000000 Komendantsky Prospekt Staraya Derevnya Admiralteyskaya Обводный канал Volkovskaya Международная Prospect Slavy Dunayskaya Shushary

    Initially, until December 30, 1991, the northern section of the Fifth Line worked as part of 4th Orange Line.

    Until July 31, 2013 the line was serviced by TCh-6 Vyborgskoye, then until September 4, 2019 - TCh-3 Moskovskoye. Now the line has its own metro depot - TCh-7 Yuzhnoe.

    Until September 2019, 6-wagon trains operated on the line, and now 8-wagon trains.

    On the Fifth line, almost all stations are beautiful, and there are many interesting places:

    The most beautiful station on this line, and in general in Saint-Petersburg, unconditionally - Обводный каналru. Very cool and beautiful industrial style of the early twentieth century.